2015 registration information

Welcome to the 2015 season! In the next few days, the new Rugby Quebec (FRQ) Portal will be open for 2015 registration.

As this is a new portal, please be prepared to spend some extra time entering all your information. ***NEW*** you must VALIDATE your email address before entering the portal.No registration option will appear until your email address has been validated.

Families with children under 18 can use one email address for all registrations.

Registration for the senior 15s season is due MARCH 31st.

Provisional Calendar:

7s season (Men and women): April 18, April 25, May 2, June 27, July 4, September 26, October 3.
Senior women (15s): May 23-Aug 29.
Senior men (15s): May 23-Sept 19.
Juniors: June 27-Aug 29.

Here are the dues for the 2015 season:

Senior – $300
Senior (Student Rate) – $250
Senior (7s only) – $120
Old Boys – $80
Juniors (U16/U18) – $165.70
Juniors (U16/U18 – 7s only) – $120
Minis (U10/U14) – $75
Minis (U6/U8) – $60 

All registration fees and dues must be paid in full on-line using a credit card; a 2.25% credit card fee will be charged upon check-out.
For any questions or concerns please email us at: o.saracens.rfc@gmail.com or president.ormstownsaracens.rfc@gmail.com (Samantha Rankin)