Registration is now open for 2015

The new Rugby Quebec Portal is now OPEN. The dues list is as follows, to be paid by credit card online ONLY:

Senior – $300
Senior (Student Rate) – $250
Old Boys – $80
Juniors (U16/U18) – $165.70
Minis (U10/U14) – $65
Minis (U6/U8) – $55

(a 2.25% credit card charge will be added to each transaction)

The registration process is simple to use but you have to allocate about 10 minutes to register.

The steps to follow:

1. Create your user profile (upload photo)
2. Log in after receiving the confirmation email
3. Early registration (including taking pictures or uploading photo again)
4. You can choose more than one category (player and / or coach and / or referee). You will pay the highest of the rates.
5. Check for newsletters (you will receive a registration email)
6. Check the Rugby Canada waiver form signed box +
7. Check the Rugby Quebec signed waiver form +
8. Complete the medical form (all fields are required)
9. Confirm your registration
10. Payment of registration (you will receive an invoice copy by email)


Seniors, juniors and minis can register at any time.